vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Free sunglass and dress

hey !
look at the picture on the left
you see a dress and sunglass
Sunglass : 0 $
Dress : 0 $
You can get it in the shop !
by new stuff ;-)

X Lavinada&J-aniston

New Sunglasses

As you dont see good what i have whrite then read this :
New Sunglasses !
i give it a 10/10
And you ?
Whrite a comment !

XX Lavinada&J-aniston

donderdag 18 juni 2009

4 New HairStyles !

Hey Everyone ,
There are 4 new hairstyles on stardoll !
Look at te pictures !
i like the last picture !

X Lavinada & J-aniston

dinsdag 16 juni 2009

What do you want more in StardollSHOP

Whitch shop do you want in stardoll ?
like a CD-SHOP or GAME-SHOP or a COMPUTER-STORE .... blablabla
What shop do you think that we most get in stardoll , or a shop that you like for have it on stardoll ?

XX Lavinada & J-Aniston

maandag 15 juni 2009

DOT make-up face - DO U LiKE iT ?

Hey Girls&Boys ....
we have make a face whit DOTmake-up !
Do u Like it ??
It's whit a color efect !
From darkblue to light blue to purple !
i like it ...
Whats your mean ??
Whrite a comment

Kiss Lavinada & J-aniston

Doll that you see on the picture is : Lavinada

woensdag 10 juni 2009

StardollNews: Gucci Bag comming on stardoll

There is this new Gucci Bag coming to stardoll! I cant wait
i gife a 10/10 !! I love the detail on it which makes it so Real ! , i cant wait .....
But it's a limited edition from Gucci i think ...
What's you mean of the bag from Gucci ?
Whrite a comment ;-)

Kisses Lavinada&J-Aniston from stardoll

StardollNews : LE for LE Buyers

There is now a Limited Adition LE Dress On Sale! But you most buyed what from LE before .... , The people that buyed what from LE get this mail
that you see on the picture .. Its very pritty , But there are 3 sad things about it that I must Share, 1.-Its Ran Out 2.-Its 250 stardollars 3.-There are only 500 of them There is another good thing! You can sell it! Will anyone sell it?

Kisses Lavinada&J-aniston from stardoll